Friday, August 13, 2010

Question 2,3,4 by Celine Chee

Q2. D. Squares and parallelograms are quadrilaterals as they have four sides each. In squares, all four sides are equal, so they are parallel. In parallelograms, they have two pairs of equal sides, and therefore, two pairs of parallel sides. And also, trapezoids are trapeziums, who have one pair of equal and parallel sides.

Q3. It is a parallelogram. Parallelograms have two pairs of parallel and equal sides, which one pair does not have to be equal to the other. Also, because it has two parallel pairs, its opposite angles will equal to 180 degrees.

Q4. No, I do not agree with this statement. In a square, all four sides are equal, but in a parallelogram, its four sides are not equal to each other. Also in a square, all its interior angles are 90 degrees, whereas in a parallelogram, its interior angles do not equal to 90 degrees always.

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