Friday, August 13, 2010

Maths Activity 3-Kristin Chai

Q2: Answer is D.
The square and parallelogram are quadrilaterals as they are 4 sided which is correct.If the opposite sides of a square and a parallelogram are not parallel,they are not even squares or parallelograms and they will be other shapes.Also,they have a pair of parallel sides if not they will not look like a square or parallelogram.

Q3:It should be a parallelogram as a pair of opposite angles that are supplementary which is 180 degree as the parallelogram have a pair of parallel lines so the angels should be 180 degrees.Even though the other pair of length is not the same,the angels will still add up yo 180 degree.Thus,it is a parallelogram.

Q4: I do not agree with the statement as you see the parallelograms are titled.Even though the lines are parallel the 4 sides of the parallelogram is not the same and also the angels are not 90 degree.So parallelograms are not squares.

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