Thursday, February 25, 2010

Estimation in the Real World

project done by Kristin on Environmental awareness - Save the Sharks!

project done by CHAN TSE TZANG on Environment
project done by Ng Kok Yin on SARS alert!

project done by Eunice on Customer Service

project done by Bing Jue on NEWater

project done by Clarabelle on SARS alert!

This is an introductory exercise on Estimation and Approximation

Objective: to create awareness on the use of estimation and approximation in the real world.

  • Individually complete the following task assign to you
  • Find information relevant to the given issue presented
  • Present your findings in a simple, 1 page presentation (you may use any media/form)

Key to note:
The presentation should show the following:
  • estimated value/s
  • the assumption/s that you have made
  • your brief reflection on the seriousness of the issue presented.

Upload your 1 page presentation:


Environmental Awareness : Minimise usage of paper and save the earth!

Resource: click here


NEWater – the Singapore Story

Resource: click here


Tipping in Restaurant : A culture or customer's rights!

Resource: click here


Abstain from eating Shark fins soup: Save the Sharks !

Resource: click here


The Potential Danger : SARS alert!

Resource: click here


  1. for inspiration you may refer to S102 Maths Blog

  2. Most of the posters have minimal or no images. However, the information is well organised and easily comprehended. Good work!!

  3. On Kristin's poster:
    Nice, the information is good. The emphasis on the area of control the sharks have was good and made it stand out. Well done.

    Jonan S1-09

  4. Project done by Bing Jue on NEWater

    Good effort
    However, you can put in some images to spruce it up and also put some colour on it so that people will be interested to read it.
    Good amout of information but you should try to summarize it.

  5. On Sze tzang's poster:
    Great pictures, especially the hand-drawn tree.You have quite a number of pictures thus it is easier for people to know of your poster.Although there is not enough information but it is easier for people to read.Overall, this is a well done poster.

    Jun Hong S109

  6. Comment on Eunice's poster:
    Good job finding the information and there is plentiful of them, but I think it can be improved by adding more pictures and less words.
    Reason 1: Pictures will attract more people and it is more lively.
    Reason 2: People hate to read many many words, especially posters with many words.
    Well, that is all. Keep up the good work!

  7. Comment on Eunice's poster:

    Good job for the information you gave in the poster but i find that the poster has no pictures and a lot of words . So I think that you should add some pictures and less words related to the topic .
    So Keep Up The Good Work ! :)

  8. Comment on Bing Jue's poster:
    Job well done! Information is well organized and plentiful. U may want to put a simple picture of a NEWater symbol to give it a finishing touch. But even without the picture it is a well done poster! XD

  9. Comment on Kok yin's poster:

    Information was nicely put together, not too wordy but the information is there. I think you can add some pictures in the empty spaces in the poster. Overall it is nicely done (:

    - Stacey

  10. Comment on Eunice's poster
    I think that the poster had many useful information that could convince people to switch to tipping, but in the middle of the poster, there was too many words. If someone was passing by the poster, he or she may not have the time to read all the info written. Perhaps she should have summarize it and emphasize on the more important things. But overall it is pretty good, as the poster is able to convince people

  11. Commenting on Sze Tzang's poster
    I think the poster is convincing enough for people around the world to start to act on global warming. I contained very convincing information and had pictures to beautify it. But just one word of advice, maybe you could show a picture of Earth being destroyed by global warming to simulate what could possibly happen if we continue to ignore global warming. But good poster though. Keep it up! :)

  12. Commenting on Bing Jue on NEWater
    Nice information there. Would be better if there were some images there to make the poster look better. Some changes to the font would be nice too.

  13. Comment on Ng Kok Yin's poster :

    I like the way she put the words and the information. It has those "poster" type that attracts people easily. The colours are also very nice and attractive. However, she could have added pictures and where are the sources ? But overall, GOOD WORK!

    Everyone else's poster is also great.

    GREAT WORK 108 !

    -Michelle Dapito

  14. On Clarabelle's poster:

    The information is presented in an organized and creative manner. The poster is not bombarded with pictures and is very neat and nice.


    -Naveena menon

  15. comment on Eunice's poster:

    I think Eunice's poster is too messy and confusing, there are too many words for the poster. It would be better if she could simplify and summarise it all. Other than that, the poster is quite detailed and contains a lot of facts.

  16. I'm commenting for all posters uploaded:
    For all, the posters have more text than pictures, the pictures they placed on the posters are relevant, though some are all text and no pictures.
    Other comments:
    They could improve by adding more pictures to the poster (referring to Kristen's), some parts of the text could use a bit of emphasis, like making those words bigger (referring to Sze Tzang's, Eunice's and Bing Jue's poster). Pictures could be added (referring to Kok Yin's poster)
    To Clarabelle: The point of focus on what you want to clearly show to the readers, doesn't seem clear to me as there are many points that lead to the confusion of the 'big picture', Do you want to emphasize on SARS can be spread rapidly, so we need to be cautious, or SARS is around and it is a threat?
    If its the 1st point, then highlight that they are 8450 cases worldwide and 810 died. If its the 2nd point, you could highlight the date that SARS was reported , when it was globally known and what is the death toll.

    Generally, all are well done, not to mention well presented. To all, keep up the good work! Job well done!

  17. I think that Eunice did a very good job for she give two examples, employee1 and employee 2 she also states the good points of GST charges and voluntary tipping.She should write less words though and she should also add at least one picture but not too many of them though.

    There must always be a balance: not too many nor too little words neither should she place in too many or too little pictures

  18. I would say that Clarabelle did a good job. She gave simplified and relevant information with a catchy design. However, if she could give some estimation related information.

  19. Clarabelle did a great job. Not too many words, not too little. It is simple and easy to understand and the poster tend to get people to look and read.