Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rate Ratio Proportion (What's cooking this week?)

Cooking for a Party

SST is organising a class party and has entrusted your group to plan, purchase and eventually present the dish.

    The task:
    • Click on 'find a recipe' or to Martha Steward Recipe Finder select one recipe that is suitable for the party. You will be cooking a large meal for a party and so will need to change the quantities of the ingredients accordingly. Increase quantities using direct proportion and write a new shopping list.
    • All the measurement must be in metric unit (i.e. cm instead of inch)
    • The final product:
    • An A4 size recipe with cooking direction using Pages.
    • include the name and a picture, if possible, of your final dish
    • estimated amount of calories
    • include a brief writeup why your dish is the best.
    • email your 1-page recipe to your Maths teacher with file name classyourname.pages

    Resource: how to make caramel popcorn and recipe

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