Monday, January 25, 2010

a mathematical story

Hi 108ers

For being such a wonderful and diligent students - I have attached the following link for your mathematical pleasure.


  1. I was fascinated by the designs a line can make, simple or complex. This I must say, is the best cartoon love story I have ever seen.

    If I were the line, I would leave the dot, the dot is just attracted by the line's designs.

    Jing Heng

  2. I watch it already.It is a very romantic love story.The line did not gave up and it did it! The circle was in love with the line in the end.

  3. You realised that the line is trying to show off its geometrical property - being straight, rigid and linear. Persistence prevails in the end. Good observation from Jing Heng and Kristin.

  4. If I were the line, I would no longer want the dot as the moment something else shows up with better abilities, the dot dumps the incumbent.

    The line is very important as without the line, there would be no angles or polygons.